Soaring in the Flight

Soaring in the Flight

Gray, curly hair almost fully covers a bony, sad face. Small gray eyes, set lightly within their sockets, watch anxiously over the homes they’ve nearly died for for so long.
A gunshot left a mark reaching from the top of the right cheek , first running towards his fairly big lips and ending on his forehead leaves a satisfying memory of his luck in love.

This is the face of Isaac Barnfield, a true explorer among giants. He stands big among others, despite his fragile frame.

There’s something different about him, perhaps it’s his reputation or perhaps it’s simply his good looks. But nonetheless, people tend to ask him about his adventures, while learning as much about him as possible.


Soaring in the Flight

Castroville, TX 78009


  • ico-y-knife.pngCheese Coffee Caf Downtown
  • ico-y-knife.pngLiu Chinese Fast Food
  • ico-y-knife.pngVinaigrette
  • ico-y-knife.pngGarcias Kitchen The Original
  • ico-y-knife.pngRoute 66 Malt Shop
  • ico-y-knife.pngBottger Mansion of Old Town
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngBottger Mansion of Old Town
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngLiu Chinese Fast Food
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngBottger Mansion of Old Town
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngLiu Chinese
  • ico-y-wscreen.pngVinaigrette

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